Some Projects

other projects

Let's Talk Over Coffee

I had just moved to the bay area and didn't know many people.
I yook Trey's idea (with his permission) as a way to meet people.

New Tab Twitter

A Chrome extension that makes the empty space in your new tab a minimally distractive Twitter list.

Subtweet Finder

Tells you who a subtweet was directed towards.
rSimple algorithm behind it, the results only work because of apophenia.

Snapchat Online

Web-based Snapchat client, used to view over 33,000 snapchats by users across the world.
Snapchat has banned my server so the site is now defunct.

Rick and Morty Forever

A funny and simple website as an ode to the wonderful show Rick and Morty.

Music Explorer

Music discovery tool that pulls from music curator Majestic Casual.
Only the song thumbnail is shown, so you have to "judge a book by its cover" to pick a song.

Twitter Narcissus

Displays nothing but the profile picture of the person with the highest Twitter follower count of those who have logged into the site. It's half experiment, half joke.

DN Hack

An ephemeral hack which set your designer news profile image to any picture in color, profiles at the time were limited to black and white drawings.


Animated watchface for Pebble.

Magic 8

Pebble app that simulates a magic 8-ball.
Shake your watch to see an answer appear from the darkness, lending you supreme wisdom.


Bukkit plugin which fixes some pretty major bugs in how boats in Minecraft collide with objects.
I no longer maintain this but it is open source so others can update it.

Ninja Sneak

Bukkit plugin that allows users to toggle into "ninja" mode which makes them invisible when sneaking.
I no longer maintain this but it is open source so others can update it.

What I Do

I create websites.

I've developed Android apps, iOS apps, smartwatch apps, browser extensions, and more.
But websites will always be nearest to my heart.

I'm a full stack web developer, but I lean a bit towards the front end; I like pretty things. As you can tell I have quite an eye for design.

Who I Am

A self-taught maker.

About 9 years ago I began teaching myself web development, at the time using Flash and Dreamweaver.

I've improved a bit since then :)

After graduating high school, I moved to SF to continue working in software.

You can see my professional background on my linkedin profile.