Some Projects

other projects


Anonymous microblogging service for frictionless free speech; say anything without judgement. Disclaimer: made years back, doesn't reflect my current quality standards.

New Tab Twitter

A Chrome extension that makes the empty space in your new tab a minimally distractive Twitter list. Google removed the listing for this extension but you can still manually download it here if you wish.

Snapchat Online

Web-based Snapchat client, used to view over 33,000 snapchats by users across the world.
Sorry - Snapchat has banned my server so the site is now defunct.

Rick and Morty Forever

I managed to get one of the two or three valid domains used in dialogue in this show, here it is.

What I Do

I create websites.

From start to finish, I love designing and implementing websites - on the front end to the back end and everything inbetween.

However my focus is on creating great front-end interfaces.

Who I Am

A self-taught maker.

Over a decade ago I began teaching myself web development, at the time using Flash and Dreamweaver.

I've improved a bit since then :)

After graduating high school, I moved to SF to continue working in software.

I eventually moved back to Dallas, minus an arm and a leg.

You can see more my professional background on my linkedin profile.